Sunday, May 27, 2012

May Farming Week - May 26 - June 3

More Pictures

Saturday, May 26, 2012:
- caught up on my bookkeeping job
- contacted a previous vegetable customer about salad greens
- went to the land fill/made a space in the garage!
- set out 45 sweet peppers and 35 eggplant
- RC set the Ghost pepper in the hoophouse
- RC bought a new lawnmower and 4 Blue Muscovy ducklings
- interplanted basil and marigolds with the large tomatoes
- RC mowed with the new mower after it was delivered
- sold some salad
- started setting up bean teepees
- moved manure to the summer squash area
- RC cleaned the rest of the coop!
- set up an area and nest for the broody hen (moved her at night)
We now have 6 separate poultry groups - hens, breeding hens, chicks, ducklings, Moscovy ducklings, broody hen.  Hoping to merge the two sets of ducklings soon.  Hoping the broody hen likes her new nest and settles in so we can give her some eggs to set.

Enough blogging!  Time to get to work!

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