Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January 18,2011


Working on the seed order bit by bit. I don't know why it takes me so long to do but it surely does! Today some seeds came in the mail from "Seeds from Italy". Lots of lettuce leaf basil, cutting chicory, annellino beans, and more.

This year I am trying to keep things simple. Just order the amount of seed I really need, only grow vegetables I really like and can grow well, (I hope!), and restrain my desire to grow many, many varieties of every kind of vegetable I can think of.

Discretion. Moderation. Thriftiness. Simplicity. I only wish I could somehow shorten the time needed to be cautious.

Today I finished setting up the plant shelves in their new location in the living room. I think this will work well. It's warmer and sunnier in the new spot. I planted some Shimonita Asian onions yesterday and also started stratifying my echinacea seeds. I decided to use the cold water method described at THIS HELPFUL WEB SITE.


One kind of seed that came today is Sorrento tomato seeds, described as a large, delicious, pink tomato. I did a bit of research and found that it comes from the Sorrento region of Italy and is used in a very simple and tasty sounding salad called Caprese Salad, a layering of sliced tomatoes, fresh mozzerella, and basil leaves dressed with olive oil and salt. One variation uses cannellini beans, which I am also growing this year.

It's a real winter day. Lots of deep snow topped with freezing rain. Loading the stove frequently. Getting dark real early still.

About a week ago I changed the settings on the timer for the chicken coop light. Now the light comes on about 2:30 AM and goes off at 4:00 PM. The idea is to give the chickens "natural twilight". This is supposed to increase their egg production. It may be working!

And, last bit of farm news for today. I called up Doug, my friend and farm member and asked him to help me change the light bulb in my hall ceiling light. The cover was wicked tight and my arthritis was getting in my way. He came by and made it work. (It even took Doug some extra effort.) So the joke for the today is, "How many Leydenites does it take to change a light bulb?" I guess today the answer is two. Thanks, Doug.