Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Farming WEEK # 2 - Day 10

Monday, May 30
Extra farm day

Finally cooking the chicken I defrosted a couple of days ago. No time to cook!
Chickens - the Wyandotte rooster hopped the fence. By using food and hens as lures I got him into the smaller north chicken yard. So no rooster wars and no mixing the breeds outside of our breeding plan.
Planted the rest of the plum tomatoes. The ones from last night look amazingly settled in.
Planted 45 feet of Jumbo Pink Banana winter squash, for people and for chickens
Planted 1 1/2 rows of potatoes - Red Norland and Yukon Gold. Cut the rest of the Yukon Gold for later.
Lots of mosquitos!
3 quick blog posts about the last 3 days.
10:30 - I need breakfast!
Planted 75 feet of soybeans - Envy and Butterbeans
Filled in summer squashes where the transplants didn't take well.
Next year: Don't plant early squash inside, instead plant them outside with protection.
Started weeding the south end of the west garden
Break. Fold laundry.
CSA email and blog post.
Hit my energy wall. I guess 10 days straight of farming tuckered me out.