Monday, April 30, 2012

Sweet Morning Farm - Work Bee - May 5, 2012

April 30, 2012

Hello friends,

I would like to invite you to come to the farm this Saturday, May 5, anytime between 9 and 5, for a Work Bee!
There are many things that need doing around the farm, especially in the spring, and Robin and I would enjoy seeing you and sharing some of the spring chores with you.

There is a wide variety of jobs to be done.  You can pick what suits you best.

Examples of possible tasks:
Weeding, both standing with a hoe or spading fork, or sitting and using a hand tool and doing delicate sorting.
Stacking firewood.
Planting corn seedlings.
Setting dahlia tubers in the earth.
Playing music/singing to the farm workers.
Planting seeds.
Clearing brush.Securing the pea fence.
The chick house may be ready for the young chicks that day so  - helping to set up their fence and moving them to their new quarters.
Taking pictures - of farmers, helpers, plants, chickens, etc.

I'll have a big pot of homemade chicken soup and some fresh Sweet Morning salad ready for our lunch break.

Bring gloves and favorite tools, sunscreen and water.

This will be a very casual, light hearted affair.  If you are able to come over, to help or to encourage, that's great!  If you are busy elsewhere, that's fine too.  This is mostly a way for friends and farm members to see what is happening here on the farm and to help plant the seeds for a wonderful harvest.  Come and go as you please.  Bring a friend.

The next Farm Work Bee will be Saturday, June 2.
RSVP if you feel like it, or just show up.  We'll be here!

Your happy farmers,
Laura and Rob
Call or email to RSAP or for more information.413-773-8325

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