Monday, May 28, 2012

Farming week - Day 2

Sunflowers for Memorial Day

- poultry care
- supported the fava beans in the hoophouse
- too much time inside blogging...
- dishes, clean up from last week's picking
- poultry care, broody hen has settled onto her new nest
- RC made another nest box for the Orpington (getting broody)
- set out lisianthus
- set up more bean teepees
- moved Muscovies in with the Cayugas and Welsh Harlequins, so far, so good.
- RC mowed some more
- watered eggplant
- siesta
Pole beans 5/27/12
- planted 15 teepees of pole beans: 3 Scarlet Runner, 2 Northeaster, 3 Rattlesnake, 2 Green and 1 Yellow Annellino, 2 Garden of Eden, 1 Kentucky Wonder, and 1 Kentucky Wonder Wax
- some weeding in the hoophouse
- planted more Luscious corn seed with the corn seedlings
- planted 25 ft of Royal Burgundy bush beans
- hoed half the New Zealand spinach, hoed the Asian onions
- picked some of the bolting spinach for supper
- that's all for today!

l. to r.: Royal Burgundy, Dragon Tongue, Kentucky Wonder, KW Wax, Gold Marie, Northeaster, Garden of Eden, Rattlesnake


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