Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Farming Week - Day 4


My goals are to finish the accounts and prep for picking the shares.

- still plugging away at paperwork.  And I intend to finish!
- poultry care.  Collecting eggs for hatching but so far it's kind of slow.  The 2 I set aside yesterday got a bit wet so I decided not to set those as the protective bloom on the shell probably got washed off.  As of 8:30 am, only 1 green egg saved.
- blog post
- read about saving eggs for hatching, caring for the hen and chicks
- collected eggs (1 more green one to save)
- dishes, breakfast, put away laundry and containers for shares.
- banana bread
- check for eggs, 1 more green one to save
- ordered a new book about poultry
- accounts continue
- hoophouse temperature read 104 so I went outside and sprayed it.  Now it reads 92.  Storm may be coming, or maybe not.
- 2 more eggs to hatch.  broody hen off the nest and taking a dust bath.  Will she go back?
- no storm yet.  The hoophouse is back to 100.  Poof lettuces and kale and cauliflowers and sunflowers!
- broody went to another nest that she could reach more easily.  Now she is back in her new nest.  And content.
- RAIN!  Down to 66 in the hoophouse.
- accounts...

Well I did not completely finish but I am at the checking for mistakes stage.  Ugh.  I hope I never get behind again!  I am reluctant to promise, as so much in life is uncertain, but I will certainly do my best to stay on my weekly routine year round, despite busy garden times.  So much depends on good record keeping.  Wednesday I get to pick vegetables!

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