Saturday, December 18, 2010

Farming Year Round

LAST BOUQUET OF THE YEAR - October 20, 2010

(Which turned out to be a brilliant idea as it was a cold, windy day and the pressing went well into the evening.)

Yes, perhaps it is a bit slower around here lately. At least I know that I am moving slowly. After essentially taking October off to prevent farmer break down, I started regaining my energy and usual good spirits. Phew! And guess what? There was plenty to do around here once I got back on track!

It's been a busy November and December. Stacking wood, cider making, planting garlic, starting to plan the layout of next year's garden, tilling the garden (after fixing the tiller), cleaning out the chicken coop for the winter, saw a moose, and more. Yesterday I ordered my first batch of seeds so I will have my onion and leek seeds ready to plant in January. Today we plan on putting up the Christmas tree but already I have plans to put the seed starting shelves in the same spot once the tree is down. I am grateful and pleased to have my energy and stamina return. Also lucky that the ground stayed open and tillable/plantable so late this year. Also impressed and grateful to Robin for all the help he has given this fall. (Quite a few of the accomplishments listed above were actually the result of his efforts and interest. Thanks, Rob!!)

The fall garden was a delight. I didn't do anything special to keep things going but we still were picking lots of delicious mesclun well into December. Also spinach, daikon radishes, arugula, mustard greens, dill, cilantro, salad turnips. Plenty of encouragement to plant in August next year and put up some tunnels to keep the food going even longer. Spinach and garlic omelets were my favorite breakfast this fall. And the young hens started laying in earnest in September, giving us over 2 dozen eggs a day. The farm egg customer list expanded and so far, I have been able to provide eggs to all who want them. Made a cute sign, too.


Another really cool thing is that out of the blue a young woman who lives in Leyden called to volunteer to work at the farm on a regular basis next season. Hip Hip Hooray! Sarah is a fantastic person and it will be great to have her help and to get to know her better. Thank you, Sarah!!

The farming never stops. I love it.

First planting for next year's harvest. 450 feet of garlic. New varieties: Deerfield and Phillips

I'll be planting more of this in 2011 for sure.

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