Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A little more farm work

Today I did this,

which looks like stacking wood but was really making room to plant this:

I got the seed from High Mowings:
Luscious Corn
I borrowed the picture from Territorial Seeds, another one of my favorite seed companies.

Next two projects:  Transplant some pepper seedlings, fill out a form for the US Census about the farm, and write an email about the CSA shares.  I would love to get all those things done today.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Today's planting.

Today I did some planting.  Inside the house I planted four kinds of head lettuce.  The Webb's Wonderful is an old favorite crisphead and the other three are new varieties to me that sound great.

Webb's Wonderful



Mayan Jaguar

Outside I planted Sugar Snap peas.  This is the first thing I have planted outside this year.  Getting ready for pick-your-own for the farm shares.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Cloudy Day

It's spring, by the weather, if not by the calendar.  Pussy willows and snow drops are blooming.  The snow is mostly gone.  On sunny days the hoophouse temperature rises to bone-easing warmth.  But today my heart feels heavy.  On Wednesday a dear friend, a kind man, a gentleman, an artist, a fisherman of good cheer died of a heart attack.  Mike Wells, a gem in our little town, is gone.  We will all miss him and his wry remarks and kindliness.

Mike was a active member of our Council on Aging gatherings, attending most of our meetings, even when his hearing aids weren't working so he could only BE with us.  My son Rob and I had plans to help him go fishing this year and I know many people had plans to do things with him.  That's always the way, especially when death comes suddenly.  I feel lucky that I saw  him just last week and felt his smile.

This picture was taken at a Leyden COA meeting.  Mike's hand is in the circle.  Next to mine.  Still taking this loss in, as are all who knew him must be.

Thanks for being such a kind friend for so many years, Mike.