Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Farming week - Day 3

Kousa Dogwood
- my goal is to catch up on my accounts
- poultry care
- slow start to celebrate the holiday, bath, blog posting
- start laundry
- poultry care, starting to save eggs for Miss Mix
- supported sweet peas
- watered seedlings
- very hot today, lots of chicken watering
- cleaned all containers from picking and share pickup
- csa email and blog post
- accounts!
- watered hoophouse and seedlings (very hot day!)
- more laundry
- more accounts!!
- accounts take a long time when they are so behind.  much progress, finish tomorrow, while it rains, I hope, then I'll be able to garden for the rest of the week
- more laundry folding, etc.

Snow Crown cauliflower in the hoophouse...small, but hopeful.

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