Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blah, blah, blog

Stayman Winesaps

It seems that I don't have enough time or interest in blogging very often, especially lately. I do a better job posting the CSA delivery or what's at the farm stand, using the blog as communication tool for the farm. This main page though limps along in a boring fashion. Perhaps that will change in the winter when I have a bit more time or when I recover my energy. Somehow the past 2 months have been pretty draining. Way too busy. Too busy to think well or plan well, just going along day by day.

I have also been negligent about taking pictures of the farm in the past two months. I definitely want to photograph the last share of the season on Friday and it would be great to get back into the weekly photo record of the farm. Especially this first year of winter gardening. No promises here though. I just do what I can do.

So what HAVE I been doing? It feels like picking and picking and freezing and canning. There was a long stretch when I felt chained to the kitchen, either chopping vegetables or pureeing apples or washing containers. Sort of spinning around in the same place doing the same chores over and over and never reaching the end. LOTS and lots of apples this year. They are still coming in. In fact the Baldwin has just started and it looks like there are many bushels up in that tree! Plus I just picked a Stayman Winesap the other day and at last they are ripe and so juicy and tasty. Now I know why I bought that tree. Strangely, as I have been picking samples over the last month or so, they have been hard and greenish inside and sort of tasteless. Now however, juice is pouring out of them when you cut the apple and the taste is sweet. Interesting process.

The other thing(s) I have been doing is some of the other responsibilities in my life that, once again, have been neglected during the growing season. Like household accounts, and mail, etc. I STILL need to get cracking on my Fuel Assistance application and need to find out if I messed up on the conservation restriction for the land. I haven't done anything on that for months so I hope I didn't miss out on that. I must get brave and call the lawyer, keeping in mind that it will be free and lawyers are good. I've done an amazing job of procrastinating on that call, at least 3 months.

Oh yes, and cleaning up the house.

Ten million things to do. No wonder I feel tired and caught a cold.

Off to rest.