Monday, May 30, 2011

FARMING WEEK # 2 - Day 9

Sunday, May 29

Bath at last!
Chickens. Dishes.
Set out moonflower seedlings.
Planted 50 feet of winter squash, 11 varieties.
Set out 20 Rubine sprout plants.
There's room for some head lettuce, arugula and cilantro between the winter squashes.
Decided to set the rest of the sprouts in the spinach beds.
Decided to set the celery in the quicks bed.
Watered seedlings.
Thinned radishes.
Lunch and rest break.
Watered flower seedlings - oops, they were a bit limp.
Marked the rows and started planting 38 plum tomatoes - Gilbertie, Speckled Roman, Super San Marzano, Roman Candle, Black Plum, Orange Banana

Starting to both feel the weariness of day after day planting but also feel like I am creeping up on completing the main planting. I may just be hallucinating.

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