Friday, May 27, 2011

FARMING WEEK # 2 - Day 6

Thursday, May 26

So busy today. Share # 1!
Picked spinach and lettuce.
Cleaned up the vegetable prep area
Moved the chicken fence to improve access to the eggplant area
Sarah came and finished planting the salad tomatoes!
Divided and prepped the shares.
Set up the shares by the garage.
Blog posts and farm share picture to FB
2:40 time for lunch
clean up from picking
pick up worked
Sort of took the afternoon off, tidying up inside, at least it felt like time off. Maybe that's because I didn't deliver the shares. Staying home and following through right away felt like goofing off.
farm visitors
rhubarb crisp, pick salad greens and broccoli side shoots
Robin came up and almost immediately started mowing the grass
Started hoeing the west garden


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