Thursday, May 26, 2011

FARMING WEEK # 2 - Day 5

Wednesday, May 25

called Martin Farm about compost, still not available, call next week...
blog post for Tuesday
Sarah came!
SB-A dug the flower border for the PYO, almost done
We cleared the upper tomato area, moved rocks, a few plants, excess composted chicken bedding and weeds
Composted chicken bedding to red raspberries
Moved eggplant, peppers, tomatoes and flowers to their planting areas
Spread plastic and agrabon to dry in the SUN!
Picked up a small refrigerator at a friend's house (for eggs)
Sorted tomatoes for planting - 15 cherry, 30 big, 15 medium
Rest. Food. Tea.
Planted 30 tomatoes.
Picked rhubarb and flowers at Karen's house
That's enough for me for one day.


Amy said...

Hi Laura!
I just saw that you mentioned Martin Farm. That's the one in Greenfield, right? I thought you'd appreciate knowing that they are the composting facility that collects compost from Whole Foods in Hadley, and therefore our singing compost. :)

Laura Timmerman said...

Hey, I like the idea of singing compost! As it turns out, I am hoping to get some from Bear Path Farm this time, just to try it out. The Martin Farm kind worked well but I find the tiny bits of plastic and the labels from fruit, etc. to be a bit disturbing. Bear Path does not use kitchen waste, just manure, straw, etc. It's been wicked hard to get compost this year because of all the rain. The piles can't be turned. So now I am hoping for a late summer delivery for fall crops.

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