Monday, May 30, 2011

FARMING WEEK # 2 - Day 8

Saturday, May 28

Egg email
Sarah worked today. Dug sod in the eggplant area
Farm member Desiree worked today. Pulled big weeds in the cut flower garden and started a compost heap near it.
Spread fertilizer and lime in the cut flowers and eggplant
Got a phone call from Atlanta, Georgia about delivering a birthday surprise
Picked for the birthday, arranged, photoed and delivered
Emailed Paula about extra tomatoes
Paula and Karen came and got 5 plants and some eggs
Nancy came and bought eggs. Ruby scared woodchucks by peeing around the yard
Spread chicken compost (from their pen) on the eggplant and cuke area
Robin tilled the kale, shell beans, part of the field (tomatoes, potatoes and pumpkins) and the cut flower garden.
Tiller broke down...
Fertilizer to cukes.
Planted 22 feet of Cross Country cukes
More compost, lime and fertilizer to eggplant.
Set out 42 eggplant and 60 sweet peppers.

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