Tuesday, April 26, 2011

APRIL FARM WEEK - Laura stays home to play in the dirt

I like to give myself the gift of many days in a row at home so I can focus on the farm. Being able to plant and prune and do whatever needs doing for as long as I want to each day makes a big difference in what I can accomplish. Plus, I love it.
This year I have two Farm Weeks planned for spring planting, one this week and one in late May. I hope to set up another one in the fall to clean up the garden and to prepare the earth for next year. It feels so good.

(Daffodils at last!)

Monday, April 25
cloudy, warm, sprinkles all afternoon

checked seedlings, trimmed alliums
checked planting schedule and made an indoor and outdoor list
shifted brassicas and mesclun to their planting out locations
shifted dianthus and alliums to outdoors/tunnel for hardening off
set out mesclun and leaf lettuce plants and planted more of the same
set out 30 cauliflower plants and 12 head lettuce plants
planted calendula resina by the chicken coop
figured out where to plant the kale, soy beans, and the second early broccolis and cabbages
pruned the fall raspberries and the black raspberries
pruned the red currants

(A young Veronica cauliflower plant. Or maybe it's a young Veronica broccoli plant. The seed catalogs don't agree on the name but it will be beautiful, big, lime green and delicious.)

the Sylvetta arugula survived the winter
lots of dianthus/Sweet William made it too


(Lots more work for another day!)

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