Sunday, February 13, 2011


Today it is cold and snowy around here. I'll be transplanting onions and leeks this morning after I feed the chickens. Most folks are getting a bit tired of winter. I don't mind too much, but it has been great to have a respite from shoveling this week. (By the way, Thank You! to the town road crew for clearing out the end of my driveway for me. That was a big help and a pleasant surprise.) There's plenty to do inside to get ready for spring. For instance, I am determined to send out an email about the CSA to all my lovely farm members of the past four years! Plus it's a great time to get a bit ahead on the organizing and planning parts of the farm, and the rest of my life!?

Here are some pictures of some of the tomatoes I am growing this year! Beautiful and yummy. I can hardly wait.

Amazon Chocolate

Everetts Rusty Oxheart

Pearl's Yellow Pink

Black Zebra


Rose D'Berne


Pruden's Purple

Paul Robeson

Mortgage Lifter


CQ said...

Mortgage Lifter! I wonder when that one was developed?

Laura Timmerman said...

I just looked that up and found this interesting transcript from an interview with the man who developed the variety.

It says it was the mid 1980s. He paid off his mortgage selling seedlings.

CQ said...

Great story! Your date is a little off -- Radiator Charlie actually got the idea in the 1940's and it took him 7 years to develop the tomato, so it was sometime around 1950.

Laura Timmerman said...

Oh, yeah, I read that incorrectly. Earlier in the article they mention someone else getting some of the plants in the 1980s. They sound tasty, and maybe they will help make my farm more profitable!