Thursday, April 28, 2011


Eggs are plentiful.

Wednesday, April 27
cloudy, mild

I feel very slow and stiff today.
washed pots from transplanting
saw a big (pregnant?!) woodchuck in the front yard. It scooted into the wood shed.
moved chicken fence so their yard does not include flower garden and new vegetable patch
dishes, laundry, floor - a bit of a catch up
planted two beds of quick crops - radishes, turnips, cilantro, arugula, dill, Extra Dwarf pak choy, pea shoots
planted one bed of early greens - 3 kinds of mustard, turnip greens, cutting chicory, endive
cultivated garlic beds

I am seeing a fair number of worms this year! Very encouraging.
Some of the Giant Winter spinach survived the winter. Also some self-sown head lettuces. Susan's Red Bibb?

I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow morning so I can plant more. Lots more to do!

Copra onion seedlings. These will get planted next week.

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