Wednesday, April 27, 2011


(kale and collards waiting to be set in)

Tuesday, April 26
cloudy in the morning, sun came out for a bit in the mid afternoon, warm, 80d. in Greenfield

called about tiller
called about manure
checked chicken fence line
pruned pepper seedlings
spread composted manure to two beds
set out cauliflower, red cabbage and broccoli
set out kale and collards and Flagpole scallions
planted 1 1/2 # shell peas
went to town
planted 1/2 # Sugar Snap peas in PYO area
set up pea fence and found some more snarly pea fence that needs untangling (!)
pulled last year's kale from this year's leaf lettuce/sweet pepper area
figured out where to plant earlies, spinach, leaf lettuce, first head lettuces, favas
read about compost at Bear Path Farm in Whately

3 hour nap on sofa

(sowing peas)

(planted peas)

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