Saturday, June 2, 2012

Farming Week - Day 7 - Gone Gardening

- share clean up (cloths, buckets, cold paks, flower vases)
- paid bills
- ordered Tree Collards from Bountiful Gardens (I am really intrigued by these.)
- steamed eggs for "hard boiled" eggs It worked!  Easy peeling of freshly laid eggs at last!
- planted brussel sprouts, cilantro, dill, leaf fennel, plum tomatoes, small salad tomatoes
- found these guys:
Tomato Hornworm???
- set 9 eggs under the broody hen (exchanged for her golf balls, which she defended fiercely)  Hopefully, we will have chicks for the solstice!

- supper = our own chicken (Delaware) and our own kale and scallions


Amy Finlay said...

Thanks for the steamed egg info, not that I can eat eggs, but it's so cool I had to pass it along.

I love the broody hen. Golf ball attachment, so clever and sweet, and now real chicks, knock on wood. Erin will be thrilled to see any chicks. She's actually plays mama bird sitting on eggs sometimes.

Laura Timmerman said...

I love the "mama bird" picture in my mind. So sweet.

And yes, pass the word about steaming eggs. It's fantastic.

And, people actually read my blog? Wow.
xo, Laura

PS The chicks' due date is June 20, Solstice babies.