Thursday, June 7, 2012

Farming Week - Day 9 (hmmm, this is a long week.)

Sunday, the sun is shining, at least some of the time.  I want to plant and I want to sing and I want to rest and I want to be ready for the coming week.

Rob and a Welsh Harlequin
- RC poultry care
- dishes
- dug a bed for okra
- lots of weeds to the chickens
- planted okra in the hoophouse
- hoed the corn and sweet peppers
- started weeding the onions
- farm visitors (yay!)
- delicious breakfast/lunch featuring our own vegetables and chicken
- blog post
- I seem to have hit my energy wall.  oops.
- Everyone left and now all I want to do is rest but I also want to plant a few more things first.
- planted okra, with some marigolds
- planted cherry tomatoes
- thunder and lightening so I am back inside.  Now the sun is shining.  This has happened about 6 times today.

(Forgot to post this one.  The last of my daily posts from the Farming Week.  It was a good week overall except for the need to do paperwork when I wanted to be outside.  That made me stressed and grumpy for a while.  And I missed the singing in Amherst on Sunday because of being so behind.  It's a constant thing, trying to find balance between work and play, friends/family and quiet time alone, outside and inside projects.  I just keep carrying on and I do best when I don't forget to pray.)

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