Sunday, February 22, 2009

teeny plants at a teeny farm

I keep on planting. The seeds keep on sprouting. The Sweet William started sprouting but it's so tiny that I can't even show you a picture. It's amazing that they will eventually be bright, colorful, big flowers. At least that's the plan.

Here's a picture of some of the Copra onions, a Green Zebra tomato and a Four Seasons head lettuce that were planted a few weeks ago.

Today I planted:
Winner kolrabi - 16
Head lettuce - 4 each of Forellenschluss, Webb's Wonderful, Yugoslavian Red Butterhead and Reine Des Glaces
8 Early Jersey Wakefield cabbage
4 Early Purple Sprouting Broccoli
4 Violetta Italia cauliflower
These are all for transplanting to the greenhouse in a month or so.

Got to stop. I just saw a large possum walking in the front yard. Must investigate!

Later: I tracked the possum around the house and into the woodshed but I didn't feel like going in there with it. I guess I better shovel and close up the woodshed. It's nice to have the natural light in there though. Hmmmm....
No pictures to show you. Somehow the track photos didn't come out right.

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