Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ordering seeds or chaining myself to the computer for the day

Today I have been determined to get through the seed ordering. This really should have been done a month ago but well...that's life. Fortunately, part of my distraction from my task has been the pleasure of playing with very young friends, greeting new babies and families, spending time with friends and family, etc. But I have been negligent on the seed thing, for sure. SO today I have spent hours and hours. The weird thing is that the orders were ready to go. It just takes time to finalize and actually place them, either on line or on the phone.

I seem to be buying every seed variety in sight. If it sounds tasty, I buy it. If it's a bean, I buy it. Ditto for lettuce. Everybody's got to have a system, right?

One minor goal of mine is to list all the varieties of stuff I grow each year and all the names of perennials I plant, all merged in one giant list. Maybe in a few days I will list what's coming here this year, for anyone who might be interested. For now, here are some of the items I am most happy about.

Bonus Baby Corn - last year I tried a different variety and it wasn't half as delicious.
Zephyr Summer Squash - recommended by a friend as tasty.
Green Annelino Pole Beans - I just like this one.
Stortino Di Trento Pole Bean - a speckled version of annelino.
Queensland Blue Squash - a big, sweet, dry, yummy sounding winter squash.
Cherry Brandy Rudbeckia - I never grew rudbeckia from seed before and this one looks pretty.
Amish Snap Peas
Jack in the Beanstalk Pole Bean - well, obviously. Plus it's Polish!
Gardener's Delight Tomato - an old favorite of mine.
PA Dutch Crookneck Winter Squash - a big, curly, butternut type.
And I like that I am growing lots of shell beans and fresh soybeans.
Soybeans: Black Pearl, Butterbeans, Sayamusume, Envy,
Shell Beans: Christmas Limas, Taylor Dwarf Horticultural, Coco Bianco, Cannellini, Red Cranberry, Limelight, Papa de Rola

And she's not done yet, folks!

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