Sunday, August 31, 2008

September Farm Week - Thursday-Friday-Saturday

Well obviously, I have not been posting every day. Mostly I got too busy but also there were connection difficulties some of the time.

Anyway, here goes what I can remember:

garden inspection
organized seeds and thought about fall planting and my current seed order
planted in hoop house to be:
Napoli carrots - extra hardy for winter harvest
Kossack kolrabi - ditto
Watermelon radish - ditto
Cauliflower - All the Year Round
Cauliflower - Early Pearl
Cauliflower - Violetta Italia
Cabbage - Savoy Perfection
Cabbage - Early Jersey Wakefield
Cabbage - Savoy Ace
Broccoli - Gypsy
Broccoli - De Cicco
Broccoli - Early Purple Sprouting
The brassicas are confusing to me, in fact the whole winter planting thing is so new I find myself shuffling seed packets and making lists but not actually DOIING anything. So I decided to just go ahead and plant. Then I will just see what happens. Some of the varieties are meant to carry through the winter for next spring, (all the year round cauliflower and the sprouting brocoli for sure. I am a bit late planting them though. And it's a bit late for some of the fall brassicas but I planted anyway.
I made a trip to town mid day and bought chicken food, etc so I didn't do as much at the farm.
Picked for the Friday shares - flowers, carrots, beets

Picked for the shares.
See the CSA blog for the specifics of what was in the share this week.
It was fun to pick in a relaxed fashion but there was so much food it took a long time.
Each full share had 2 pounds of soybeans, 2 quarts of crabapples, several pounds of cukes, and more.
Stocked the stand and sent out the farm email.
Delivered the shares.
Karen worked on making a sign for the stand.
Bought 30 pounds of peaches from Spatcher's Farm.
Posted at the blog.
Washed dishes and cleaned up the harvest mess.
Picked about 2 -3 gallons of blackberries at Karen's house with Karen and Robin. - yum
Picked several pounds of Swiss chard and made spanikopita with chard. - more yum

Washed the harvest dishes some more.
Posted a sign for the stand on Greenfield Rd. with Karen.
While walking home I saw a hawk diving toward the free running chickens.
Froze peaches! 4 hours to process 30 # - yielding 5 pints, 1 1 1/2 pint, 7 quarts
Rested and looked at the cook book Fresh & Fast - looks great, I feel too tired to make any of the tasty sounding recipes.
Transplanted some Red Chidori Kale to fill out a row.
Rob sorted the blackberries and I froze most of them. 2 big bags full.
Will make blackberry cake tomorrow.
And to bed with the sink and counter full of harvesting containers again!!

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