Saturday, June 20, 2009

Unwelcome neighbors

These 3 young woodchucks have been around for awhile. Here they are just outside the window by my computer. Up until recently they have been most into eating Groutweed, also known as Bishop's Cap, and that has been FINE with me. Now they seem to be considering the garden. Accckkkkkkk!!!!!!!


Kiki L. said...

Those woodchucks know a good thing when they see it. Do you remember the woodchuck controversy in Organic magazine ten years back, or so? It was a riot. To kill or not to kill; that was the question, and readers sure had strong opinions about it. I miss that mag. Well, the woodchucks are cute. I hope that they don't eat too much of the garden. The pickings have been fantastic so far. Many Thanks to you and Heather. love, Carolyn

123 123 said...
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