Monday, June 2, 2008

Dig Dig Dig

This is so much work!

Okay that's it for complaints(?)/appreciations(?) Actually I love working hard and using and strengthening my body. For the past month Karen and I have been spending a large part of our gardening time digging. We are reclaiming old parts of the garden that have been neglected for years and creating new areas any place we can. I am even planning on digging up the old chicken yard as it is fenced with 7 foot fencing that should keep the deer away from the kale and brussel sprouts come fall. This week UMass Soil Testing Lab sent me the results of two soil samples I sent to them for new areas. Hurray! The area near the house is free of heavy metals and okay for growing vegetables, except for the fact that it needs lots of compost. (more digging!)

Once in a while the idea of using the rototiller comes up. I may very well use one at some point but for now this is a hand tools only operation. Very green farming. I love that the sounds I hear while working are the birds and the wind in the trees. Yesterday I saw a raven fly overhead and heard its call. That was the first time in my life that I was positive I saw a raven, not a crow. I would have missed it if I had been tilling, I am sure. Lately the wind has been rattling the leaves on the freshly cut pole bean poles. That's a fun tune. And I have been learning the call of my resident Red Bellied Woodpecker.

I also like the fact that the hand tools don't use any fuel or need any engine maintenance.

Lastly, digging kind of ties in with my style of gardening. I use my own foot to measure the beds and the rows. I use my hand to pat the seeds into the ground. I like that the garden is closely tied to me. I like touching the earth.

All right, back to digging.


Kristin Nicholas said...

Hi Laura - Welcome to the blogosphere! Can't wait to shop at your farmstand. My garden has yet to be planted and we're going away next week. I hope I get some plants before they are all sold out. But I'll come up for all the marvelous odd things you will be growing.
XO Kristin & Julia

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristin,

I love that "marvelous odd things". Really sounds like a good life direction to me.

The blogging is fun. I am concentrating on limiting the time I spend doing it, keeping things simple yet functional. I don't know where you get the patience to post pictures!!! Someday I will set up a flickr site and put a link at the blog. I am taking photos every Wednesday morning of basically all the vegies and all the flowers in bloom. Boring perhaps to all but me but it's fun to see the progress of the plants and interesting to me to have a record of everything.

Off to consult on the greenhouse set up.

I ran into Mark recently at Fosters who said I am a real farmer even if I don't have a truck.

See you soon,